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Top 7 Ways to Use Apple TV for Home Educating

March 11, 2015

I can’t wait to do a series on how to use Apple TV with my iPad to make my home educating more efficient.  So I guess I won’t.  The past month we’ve had strep or one of its cousins passed more or less among the 9 of us and I need to decompress with some happy thoughts even though the house is a mess and it’s time for me to go to bed. 

This Christmas I got Apple TV from my wonderful husband.  He loves to get me high-tech stuff to drag me into this century.  I have been accused of wanting to live like the Amish, but that’s a discussion for another day.  I had gone to a local homeschool group and the mothers in charge of that group used the device to broadcast educational material from the computer onto the larger television screen in the room.  My head became full of ideas for the use of this same tool in my “Circle Time” a.k.a. my group classing for everybody during which we cover everything from singing in harmony to Shakespeare and chemistry.  For a look at my weekly schedule head to this link…

So Every morning after breakfast we begin our school day around the television while I, armed with the iPad in “mirroring” mode, gather all the remotes before DD age 5 tunes into Word Girl.  Then all eyes go to the screen and all mouths are silenced as we sit in awe.  Whatever I have scheduled for the morning seems to be enhanced by the technology!

So without further ado, I will throw out some ideas from my homeschool to yours.

  1. Bible Time – I use the official English Standard Version ESV sight to flash our verse on the screen while the kids find it in their Bibles.  I love to use the books of the Bible list that appears when the Bible icon is activated for use in finding the book from which we are reading.  But the real treat comes when someone asks a question like…

“Mom, what is the difference between precepts and decrees?” I can quickly bring up the definition of each word from my trusted Webster Online Dictionary.

“Mom, where is Israel?”  I can quickly pop open the 3-D like Google World and watch the kids while I zoom in on the Jordan by satellite as it presently looks.  “ooooooooooohhhh” they always say.

“Mom, what does an ephod look like?” I can quickly pull up an image of an ephod and DDs age 3 through 7 start madly sketching an ephod and coloring it.  Ok, that didn’t really happen, but things like that have in the past.

  1. Singing Hymns – I use Cyberhymnal and Caleb Hugo sites for learning our sacred songs.  We attempt to memorize the “10” verse variety hymns which need a spiritually hungry heart to translate.  These are the kinds of hymns that leave me teary-eyed by verse three.  If they happen to be on Hugo’s sight, we practice singing the piece in harmony.  Fun!
  2. Scripture Memory – Now this idea I plan on implementing next week so I can’t say it will work for us…yet…but I think it is going to be “really great” as my DH always says.  I am going to turn the iPad camera on video to record a person reciting so they can watch themselves on the screen.  I love for the kds to do self-feedback, especially when it comes to “nose picking and tush scratching kinds of things.  During recitations the children can see for themselves what is appropriate.  Then I won’t need to interrupt or embarrass anybody. 
  3. Art Appreciation – We use Ambleside for our artist selections at present, which is wonderful, because they have the links to all the works.  I really can’t say enough about Ambleside.  I can even leave the pictures up throughout the day for continual admiration.  The much larger versions of the pictures on the TV (and through enlarging the picture on the iPad screen) we can notice little things that we otherwise would have missed in a little picture in a book.
  4. Checking Our School Schedules – Simply Charlotte Mason online scheduler is the best scheduler I have found for keeping my goals for each child organized!  Now everyone can glance at their agendas on the big screen instead of waiting for a turn at the iPad or laptop. 
  5. Drawing – When I have an online resource (I now make sure I find most sketch models online because it is soooo much easier) that I want many children to replicate; I can skip making all those copies. 
  6. Classical Conversations App – I can flash the CC app on the screen while we fold laundry which is great for the visual enhancement, but even more helpful because of the generous auditory volume provided by the iPad.

These are just a few of the ways I use Apple TV as a teaching tool.  How are you using technology to facilitate learning in your homeschool?

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