Top 3 Ways To Limit Distraction In Your Homeschool

May 29, 2015

Top 3 Ways To Limit Distraction In Your Homeschool

Our homeschool year is quickly coming to a close.   I should say it is partially ending because it was a baby year at the Fowler household and that means that some students didn’t get some concepts as well as I would have liked so we will continue those….but for the most part, we will break for summer.

I love this time of year because I like to plan….sometimes too much.  There are sooo many ideas swimming in my head all the time waiting for a Christmas, summer, or even just a weekend break to to get tested.  But, does every idea need to be explored?  Probably not.  So this year instead of planning for the sake of planning (just because I think it is fun) I am going to subject myself to the strictest examination prior to any scheme I endeavor to start and prior to any book I allow myself to read.

  1.  What are the areas where no change is needed?

The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind.  I tend to go over ground that I have already covered and try to change my methods.  My infant wasn’t sleeping through the night for months and in desperation, I went back in the archives of my mind and remembered an old method I used to use.  Let them cry for 15 minutes and if they are still crying, pick them up.  It wasn’t two nights she was sleeping through the night.  I am so glad I stopped strategizing and reading and being anxious about what I needed to do differently and just did what I knew to do.

  1.  Do I really WANT to follow through with this new thought?

My father-in-Iaw always says “ideas have consequences”.   I need to weigh the price of each new idea carefully and only learn more if I am willing to live with the consequences of the new idea.   It used to be that if I committed to something, I would sacrifice the important for the urgent in order that my word might be kept…like making my family eat another junk food meal in order to get the ministry meeting agenda typed (we didn’t even need an agenda) or leaving my house a wreck day after day, week after week because my mom’s group needed a “retreat” and I had to plan it (sounds like the retreat before the retreat).  Now that I don’t do much outside of life in my home, I plan curriculum….maybe excessively.  I read up on new ideas for my family which are often helpful…but not always executed! So, what’s the point?   I have explored so many books on education styles, methods and such I just want to not think so hard and just homeschool for a while.  Ditto for diet and health books.  I am limiting myself to only 1 or 2 “new idea books” for common placing.

  1.  Prioritize my planning.

I have put off some things that need to be planned in order to plan things I like.   If my husband is truly my head, it is a good idea to let the plans he has for the family get penciled in first.  I can’t monopolize all the family time and then shrug him off and say I don’t have time for what he wants to do.   Take this farm for example.  My husband wants us to physically work on it.  That takes my planning and fore sight to happen and some of the plans I have may have to take a back seat.

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