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The Rabbits at The Abundant Farm

February 5, 2016

Sweat pea

“Hello everybodee! My name is Pokey! I am the cutest, softest, furriest, most loveable bunny of all. My adorable name is a true representation of my personality. You see, I have a habit of sticking my ’ittle bitty nose into everything. I am the last surviving Satin breed at The Abundant Farm. My fiancé, Yeti, died of a broken heart when I told him that I wouldn’t marry him for the world. That’s how I became the only Satin left. Sweet Pea told me that I had been cruel and outspoken, but I think I was just being honest. Satin bunnies are the best meat bread because they are sooooo soft, and sooooo lovable. I don’t know why everybody calls us meat rabbits, because everyone with a proper mind knows that just like all bunnies, us so called “meat rabbits” are herbivores, must just be one of those silly mix-ups you humans have.”




“Hello, my name is Sweet Pea, and before I get started, I would like to apologize for Pokey talking too much. I am a Champagne d’Argent, and was born on the same day as Pokey. But, as you can tell, Champagnes mature a lot faster than Satins. Sorry, Poke, I couldn’t help it. I was named Sweet Pea because I sit quietly and do what I am told, I don’t bite or scratch, not on purpose anyway, and I don’t get people’s fingers mixed up with carrots. (Unlike Pokey.) And, when I got to go inside the great big people hutch, and had to go potty, I was a good bunny and peed on the kitchen floor wear as Pokey peed on the couch.”





“Howdy, Pepper here. I am a great, big, strong buck. I am also called “Pepp-Pepp” and “Peppy” I was named Pepper because when I was first bought, I had a temper tantrum and tore Anna’s favorite flannel into shreds. So they named me Pepper,